Will a Wedge Issue Decide Another Presidential Election:

Race, immigration, and sexuality have divided the electorate before.   Here’s why 2016 might be different. Something must be done. A violent, radical movement, perpetrated by ruthless fanatics who are shutting down churches, torturing Christians, and beheading opponents, is convulsing a continent. The bloodthirsty, outlaw regime has launched an undeclared war on the U.S. Meanwhile, thousands of “the most vile and worthless” people are fleeing the chaos, pouring into the United States. Among them are spies and revolutionaries, hoping to overthrow our entire way of life. “All our present difficulties” are a result of the “hordes of foreigners in the Read More

The Incredible True Story of the Tea Party’s Rise to Power

Authentic grassroots movement or corporate conspiracy? The answer: Both and neither.   It started out on the prairie, just as the first populist movement did. Or, at least, in a city on the plain. On the morning of Feb. 19, 2009, Rick Santelli, a former commodities trader and V.P. at Drexel Burnham Lambert, was feeling provoked by the Obama administration’s Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan, a $75 billion proposal to reduce the monthly payments of the 9 million homeowners then facing foreclosure. It was Santelli’s job to get provoked; he had been working the same shtick at CNBC for 10 Read More