Abridged Reviews of Paradise Alley

“Kevin Baker is perhaps the most ambitious American novelist working today. Who else could–or would even dare to–paint on such a large canvas? PARADISE ALLEY is a powerful book that eschews what’s trendy for the old-fashioned literary pleasures: rigorous storytelling, deeply felt observation, and a judicious use of the bombshell surprise. Do yourself a favor and read it.”
—Darin Strauss, author of
Chang and Eng and The Real McCoy

“A gripping saga of New York at war—with the Confederacy and with itself—climaxing in the torrential Draft Riots that roar through the city’s streets, sweeping the brilliantly realized characters to their respective destinies.”
—Mike Wallace, Pulitzer Prize-winning co-author of
GOTHAM: A History of New York City to 1898

“With PARADISE ALLEY, Kevin Baker emerges as our finest historical novelist, illuminating a critical and unexplored moment of the Civil War with a compassion and vitality reminiscent of Tolstoy. Baker’s novel of immigration, slavery, rage and rebellion miraculously captures not just the essence of our nation’s past but of where we stand today. Paradise Alley is a powerful and unforgettable book.”
—Peter Nichols, author of A Voyage for Madmen

“Five stars—well-written and full of surprises. Kevin Baker’s meticulous research about this particularly wrenching moment in our history is evident in every detail.”
—Paulette Jiles, author of Enemy Women

“PARADISE ALLEY is a first-class work of historical fiction by a master storyteller. Baker achieves an epic and accurate weave of truth and imagination, a seamless saga of cruelty, courage and human struggle set during the bloodiest urban uprising in American history.”
—Peter Quinn, author of Banished Children of Eve