Abridged Reviews of Dreamland

“Mesmerizing.”The Washington Post

“Remarkable.”The Wall Street Journal

“Intoxicating.” —Entertainment Weekly

“Magical.”Houston Chronicle

“Compelling.”USA Today

“A sexy, dreamy romance.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review

“An engrossing odyssey as dazzling as the amusements on Coney Island. A rich tale.”
The Hartford Courant

“Large, knowing, teeming with ambitions and personality.”

“A virtuoso performance. Dickensian in scope and intellectual breadth [a] masterpiece.”

“This is literature and history at its best.”
The Christian Science Monitor

“Captivating, a literary gem, polished on all facets.”
Denver Post

“An epic recreation of an era. A boisterous, rollicking carnival.” —People

“Fascinating and compelling.”
—Iain Pears, author of An Instance of the Fingerpost

“Dreamland is an astonishment, an irresistible epic made up of equal parts persuasive history and richly satisfying fantasy. With this remarkable novel, Kevin Baker establishes himself as a master of the form.”
—Geoffrey C. Ward, author of The Civil War: An Illustrated History