What are the origins of the electric guitar? How did the whaling ship work? Why was the invention of the electric motor so crucial for the New York City subway? The incredible stories behind these strokes of genius and more, told by author Kevin Baker, fill the pages of America the Ingenious.

Released on October 4, 2016.

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“Kevin Baker, inspired master of the historical novel, celebrates America’s moxie in this kaleidoscopic canon of invention and innovation. By unpacking the provenance of eclectic novelties, from the safety pin to the supermarket and the subway, Baker identifies the visionaries and values that defined the American dream.”
—Sam Roberts, The New York Times


“From Kevin Baker’s keyboard emerges a past that is no longer about places and dates, but a bunch of often hilarious misfits stumbling through the most uncanny events and into fantastic stories that readers will be forgiven for not immediately recognizing, through their laughter and tears, as profound American history.”
— Jack Hitt, author of Bunch of Amateurs